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Toss the ends first, cut the ends off of your prickly pears and throw them into your compost or garbage. be sure to use your sharp knife for precise cuts 2. make a cut down one side make a cut that is about a quarterinch deep or enough to get through the skin on one whole side of the prickly pear. 3.
how to peeling and server a cactus or prickly pear. ventimiglia italian foodssterling heights michigan.www.
remove limbs at the branch point but be careful not to cut into the main stem. pads or leaves may just snap off or you can use pruners to remove them. for a big job like cutting back a columnar specimen, use a saw and remove the main trunk at the point at which you would like to see branching or at the height you require the plant.
put the pear down and cut off about 12 inch 1.3 cm from each end. place the fruit on a plate or cutting board. hold it steady with either the fork or your gloved hand. use a paring knife to slice off the ends.
start from an outer edge of the cactus plant to be trimmed. grasp an outermost cactus pad with longhandled tongs such as those used for grasping corn on the cob. use pruning shears or for large...
for this type of cactus, you want to make cuts at the joints near t
e base of the pads. methodically cut a pad, setting it to the side safely, and continue. from the outer edges, work your way inward, cutting just enough to either remove all dead or diseased portions or get the look you are wanting. do not simply cut across a pad to remove a section.
prickly pears love the warmth of the sun, and the cactus plant can grow to a full size of more than 5 meters the small fruits decorating the cactus arent that wellknown here in denmark, but the oils that you can produce from the seeds of the fruit are widely used for health and beauty products another benefit to enjoying this tiny delight.
how to cut a cactus pear, fine tutorial, how to cut a cactus pear
first, set your cutting in a dry, cool area away from direct sunlight for a few days. if possible, keep the cutting in a vertical position to prevent roots from growing out on the sides of the cutting and to help it remain straight while drying. let the cutting rest for a few days to form a callous at the cut end.
make one long vertical slice down the body of the prickly pear. slip your finger into the slice and grab a hold of the skin. peel back the skin begin to peel back the thick fleshy skin thatx27s wrapped around the prickly pear.

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